Fur Get Me Not Racerback-Grey


It's here it's here! Launching now, Limited run. These won't last!
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We designed this top to benefit BORN FREE, and to remind us all to forget not the face and life that came with that fur collar, trim, or coat.

Make it clear--Fur is not fashionable, luxe, or rebellious. It's death, and it says you can't think for yourself, or perhaps that you're just that selfish to wear the body of another being for vanity. It takes dozens of lives to create one fur coat. What you wear matters to those lives.

  • The comfiest sweatshirt you stole out of your boyfriend/best guy friend/brother's closet. 
  • Printed on an Alternative Apparel sweatshirt made of Eco Fleece--Crazy soft inside--Including organic cotton & recycled poly fibers.
  • Also made with eco conscious ink & printed in the USA. 

Available in Grey <3

  • Casual sexy racerback with raw edges & rounded hem line. 
  • Show your love for animals and the earth while staying super cozy.
  • Eco-heather racerback made with an Earth conscious blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, & naturally occurring rayon. 
  • Sustainably printed in the USA.

Available in Grey <3

Photos from Nashville Fashion Week by Eric Winton; Illustrations by Kendall Wilson.

Photo of Kelsey by Julia Anderson.


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