Book In Luxe-Petal


Ethics: Vegan, Eco Conscious, Constructed Locally in NYC. Weather Prepared: Windproof, Heat Retaining, Snow Resistant. Fabrics: Recyclable, Made in the USA, 100% Vegan Shell Lined with Recycled Satin Liner, Plus Gorgeous Engraved Tagua Nut Buttons.

::the BOOK:: Available in Petal Luxe.  

  • Also available in Black V-Wool (Here!)

Inspired by a lovely Tiffany, whose love for the literary made us want pockets—Big pockets! To hold little books with us everywhere... 

  • This oversize borrowed men’s blazer cut in our warm and comfy fall/winter fabrics will keep you in that perfect overlap of casual and chic—Perfect for hay rides.

See the updated version of the Book in Collection 5! Available in Black & Lilac V/Velveteen (Here!), & Dolphin V/Velveteen (Here!), and in Lilac Organic Velvet (Here!)

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Photos by Ally by Anthony TwoMoons.

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