VAUTE at New York Fashion Week- YOU'RE INVITED! January 31 2013

YOU GUYS!!! (So many exclamation marks I know!)

I'm SO beyond excited/scared/excited to announce that we're doing our first solo show at New York Fashion Week, as the first all vegan label to show at NYFW! And we made the official Fashion Week Grid (Scroll down to the grid- see that teeny tiny type on Wed. February 6th, 11:30-12:30? That's us. Eep.) I'm so excited to have the chance to show the industry that there's no reason to wear animals.

I've had my outerwear & tee line for a few years now, but this past year I've been working on research & development of my first full RTW line, including tops, satin dresses, skirts, pants, and sweaters- made from the latest in vegan and eco fabrics some which have never been shown before or used before in production. This includes luxe organic cotton velvet that's quilted with recycled Thinsulate for colorful whimsical coats with details of metallic vegan leather made of all recycled fibers, printed organic blouses, 100% recycled satin pants, waxed canvas skirts & pants, and more... Including some mens too!

My show is sponsored partially by the amazing Humane Society of the United States, because they work so hard to educate the fashion industry about the cruelties of fur and using animals in fashion. If you haven't seen their video by Woody Harrelson yet, here it is. Also sponsored by our awesome makeup team doing all vegan makeup from DeVita, & amazing hair will be by Champu Salon in NYC, who uses all vegan products. Cutest sweets designed just for the show in my fav flavors (like matcha & strawberry) are being whipped up by noneother than the grossly talented Danielle Konya and her Vegan Treats team. I LOVE her (is an understatement)... plus music spun by DJ Diggy Lloyd, her cuteness will also stun you. 

Oh & adoptable puppies dogs (might) be on site as a few of the models? We'll see! Sh!

SO- the most important news of all- I WANT YOU TO COME! Fashion Week is an industry thing... it's for editors and buyers, that's why it's on a weekday during the day (Sorry the show is daytime, but since it's 11:30-12:30 so if you work in the city, maybe you can take an early lunch?). BUT, what would I be without you guys? How could we be showing the world that people care about animals and not wearing them if not for you? So please- if you can make it to NYC for the show (this coming Wednesday February 6th, 11:30am-12:30pm), then you can get exclusive tickets one of two ways:


1.   Post a photo of yourself wearing anything VAUTE (now through Sunday 10pm EST)... a tee, a necklace, a coat, or at the store! If you already have a photo, or want to take a new one- whatever you'd like. Then post & tag us (Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook, @VauteCouture) with why you're excited about us showing at fashion week! Or maybe a favorite quote that helps you keep going when life's not so fun/easy/... or just a heart? haha  Then send the link to your post (or if it's on FB we'll see it on our page, so just let us know that's you!) to with your email address & full name. We'll pick our favs to put on the list at the door, and we'll get you the full invite. Make sure you can be available for the show in NYC at 11:30 on 2/6, oh and you can bring a friend/coworker if you'd like but no need to! (Most people go solo to Fashion Week events.)

2.  Stop in to see us at the shop this weekend! We love seeing you!! Starting tomorrow (Friday) through Sunday- we're open 1-8pm each day, and we'll hand you an invite. We're at 234 Grand Street (& Driggs), in Williamsburg Brooklyn between the Marcy JMZ, Bedford L, and Metropolitan G, and across fro the new Williamsburg Cinemas and near lots of yummy vegan food! So stop in, say hi, and say you'd like to come! We have lots of new tops too in that aren't on the site yet so you can check those out if you'd be so inclined.

Can't wait to see all of your faces (in photos and in person!) And if you can't make it to the show but want to post- you'll get $10 off any thing (we have a ton of new tops we are posting in a week or so as soon as I get a breather from all this fashion week crazy), just send us the link to, and you can use it once throughout 2013. (If you've already posted before just send us the link!)

Okay now check out the calendar & the inspiration below... and hope we will see you there!


The collection is inspired by Sailor Moon- whose fit & flare, in your face style I've always been in love with- but even more, whose story of an ordinary earth girl saved by a magical cat to become a soldier of love & justice for all beings of the universe- makes me, um, pretty happy.


Here are some Sailor Moon quotes that I'm freaking out over (a little bit, okay a LOT):

"I told you... That I would protect everyone." -Sailor Moon

"If you have a little more courage than normal people, anyone can be a soldier. If you have a caring heart for others, anyone can be a Messiah. Even if your heart becomes evil, please don't forget that we'll take care of you. And we'll definitely help you!"

"Hi! As long as a bad guys appears in this world, I can reach you like pizza delivery! I am the agent of love and justice, Sailor Moon!"


How true is that?! Oh Sailor Moon, I want to be you when I grow up.

Oh hey! Here's a preview of one of the dresses (with detachable bow) in the first stage of the development process- in the practice fabric.


Okay so back to work... I hope this post made sense, because I'm pretty sure my brain isn't half right at this point (dear naps, I would love if we could get back together, mmmk? thanks!) 

Sending hugs! Thanks always for the amazing thoughtful kind words- it really keeps me going (way more than you know). 


Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (heart you guys!!)