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JUST ARRIVED: Whale dresses + Fox tops + Waxed Jackets- all 25% OFF this week! August 28 2015

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Eep, our LA Autumn Shop is opening! August 25 2015

Meet Leanne in store! * 
Saturday from 1PM - 4 PM
Sunday from 1PM - 5 PM!
P.S. Special Grand Opening Sale at our LA Autumn Shop this weekend!!

Get 30% off brand new pieces and be the first the shop our Pre-Fall collection!
OH YEAH, free vegan treats!


VAUTE- the first vegan fashion label, is opening their first LA shop for this Autumn!  Based in Brooklyn, they're opening “VAUTE Autumn LA Shop” from August 29th to October 21st on Abbot Kinney in Venice, LA, featuring organic printed crops, bear printed jumpsuits, and waxed motorcycle jackets, all made in NYC's garment district with love. Celeb fans include Angela Kinsey, Alicia Silverstone, and Emily Deschanel. VAUTE broke runway history as the very first vegan label to show at New York Fashion Week, CNN said "Hilgart is the rebel of fashion week, VAUTE is breaking runway history" and Glamour Magazine called Leanne a "Gamechanger, embodying courage, conviction, and creativity." Also featured in WWD, Elle France, BusinessInsider, and more.

Times Leanne will be in store have changed!

BIG NEWS! July 15 2015


(So excited to tell you!) A few months ago, we launched our equity fundraise on CircleUp.com hoping to find the right investors who care about changing the world of fashion and want to create a sustainable smart business with us.  As the first vegan apparel label, this  would mean we could continue to pioneer  vegan fashion while growing to meet demand and strategically make the biggest impact we can for the animals. I had no idea how it would go- it was really scary for me in so many ways- but I’m overjoyed to finally publicly announce, YOU GUYS WE DID IT! We’ve surpassed our minimum fundraise and are bringing on some incredible investors with the biggest hearts. (There’s room too for a few more investors, P.S.) If you saw my face when we passed that total, oh man. I’m so very excited to see where we can take this together: creating change, jobs, and a more compassionate future of  fashion.  We’re doing this!


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 7 years since I started VAUTE, as the first vegan apparel label to join the ranks of amazing cruelty free accessory and tee shirt lines, and sustainable apparel brands, to reach out to all the big hearts out there and say- let’s join together and stop following the rules, stop feeling like silent participants in the structures we don’t believe in. WE DON’T HAVE TO WEAR ANIMALS. I gave my everything- quit my full ride MBA and a contract with Ford Models- and started on 80 hour workweeks to build VAUTE in a small Wicker Park Chicago apartment. I wanted to see, what could I contribute to this movement- Where am I needed most?

I had no background in fashion. I couldn’t win a business plan competition to save my life. But when I realized creating a winter coat line that was warm enough for a Chicago winter (my hometown), but beautiful, vegan, and eco-conscious, then maybe that would mean less people would have to wear animals, or would wear animals. And more importantly, we could all start to remember the power we have as individuals to change the world with our daily choices- what we eat, wear, how we talk to someone, what we choose to look at and how we choose to see.

Since then, I’ve reinvested our profits to bootstrap our first store (in Williamsburg, for 3 years, thanks for everyone who visited us there!), did our New York Fashion Week solo debut on the most miniscule budget I can’t even tell you and am so grateful to everyone who believed in my vision and helped make that happen- albeit with one month to create not only a collection, but a show, panic attacks nightly the week leading up. But we did it- and when CNN covered the show as “breaking history” and called me the Rebel of Fashion Week I laid on my Bushwick couch recuperating and thought- wow- pushing through fears, this is what it’s all about.

And then the greatest fear of all for me- to ask for support, so we can grow, so we can meet demand, because I couldn’t run or fund it myself anymore and the greater the demand for vegan fashion the more I wanted to make sure we could do it right. The more successful we were, the harder it got to run VAUTE. When we lost the storefront in November, due to a shady landlord giving us 2 weeks notice because he wanted to open his own store, the urgent evacuation on top of an already overwhelming season, with little budget and staff, was a breaking point for me. It told me that I couldn’t do it like this anymore. It was time for a new VAUTE, one that could sustain our growth and make the biggest impact for the animals.

And so, over the past several months I prepared for the fundraise and these strategic changes for VAUTE, and we officially launched a few months back. YOU GUYS we’ve already surpassed our minimum (of $320K), THANK YOU thank you!!! And we’re still open for a few more investors, see below if that’s you or someone you know.

Image Map

And exciting news!! Thanks to the support of our first investors, we’re starting sweater development for this winter with recycled cotton. I’m talking chunky gorgeous vegan warm sweaters, knit in AMERICA. I’ve been wanting to work on vegan, eco-conscious, US-made sweaters for YEARS, and the time has come! Stay tuned.

Also, WEST COAST FRIENDS- eek so excited we just found an amazing location in LA on Abbot Kinney for our VAUTE LA Pop Up Store, for two glorious months this September and October. More soon!

Lastly- from the bottom of my heart- thanks for being on this adventure with me. It can get hard sometimes, but I’m so lucky to have you all with me in this. 


Why I Vaute: Caitlin McGrother June 25 2015


VAUTE Community 01. Caitlin McGrother

Written by VAUTE intern Lisa Setyon / Graphics by Jessica-Joan Causing

VAUTE is what it is because of all of the amazing team members, customers, nonprofits, interns, and activists we know and are lucky to talk to every day about how we can change the world of fashion for animals. We wanted to know why these people VAUTE, what it means to them, and also learn how they got so awesome in general.

This week we caught up with Caitlin McGrother, such a down-to-earth vegan blogger slash one of our favorite customers. While stunningly beautiful: Caitlin’s blog, The Vegan Chickpea, and her love + support for the VAUTE brand are why we're so sweet on interviewing her first.


1. Where does the name Vegan Chickpea come from? What does it mean?
When I was creating my blog, I asked my husband for thoughts on a name.  After a few minutes of back and forth, he enthusiastically suggested The Vegan Chickpea.  I knew immediately that it was perfect. 

It is a play on words. I'm a vegan chick, I love chickpeas, chickpeas are vegan, chickpeas are cute.  Overtime, several of my friends and family members have begun to endearingly refer to me as Chickpea, so my blog name now represents one of my most favorite nicknames.

I also like to think of "The Vegan Chickpea" as my online alias (whether it is or not, who knows.....).

2. What is your favorite summer recipe right now?
I love a big salad in the summertime. I recently posted my current go-to salad on my blog. I make it just about every day. It’s just so good! http://www.theveganchickpea.com/2015/06/vegan-chopped-dinner-salad-recipe.html

3. What makes your blog different from any other?
Me! The Vegan Chickpea is a vegan lifestyle blog that concentrates on beauty, fashion, and food. I am always completely honest, interject my personality, and only promote things that I am truly passionate about.

4. When do you feel most empowered?
I feel most empowered when I set a goal for myself and accomplish it. I am very much a self-motivator and enjoy challenging myself.

5. What’s a day in the life of Caitlin?
During the week, I wake up at 5 am and immediately feed my dog and then exercise. Afterwards, I make breakfast and catch up on social media (primarily Instagram). My pup and I take an hour walk and then I go to work. After work, I either make dinner, or eat out at one of my favorite restaurants. Every night, I have a specific routine of getting together with my best friends, spending time with my parents, or hanging out at home with my husband (I’m very routine oriented). My weekend routine starts out the same, but with naps and little projects instead of work ;) My favorite part ojf the weekend is Saturday night when my husband and I have “date night takeout”, where we order our favorite food and watch a good movie or binge watch a television show that we are currently loving.

6. How did you find VAUTE?
I found VAUTE early on after I started my blog. I cannot remember how, but I’m sure it was on Facebook or through another blogger.

7. What does VAUTE mean to you?
VAUTE to me means empowering the animal rights community through gorgeous, locally produced cruelty-free clothing and coats. It means sharing with the community that vegan can mean high end and high quality, and that you don’t have to sacrifice style to be compassionate. It means collaborating with customers to make sure they are creating the products that most excite them. VAUTE to me equals my favorite company.

8. Why do you VAUTE?
I am truly enamored by VAUTE. I was lucky enough to have Leanne answer questions about VAUTE for my Master’s thesis, and I truly appreciate every aspect of the company- from treating the employees properly, to the manufacturing of materials and products, to providing the finished products to the masses. I also love how transparent VAUTE is- Leanne is so active on social media and is really responsive and connects with her customers. I think everyone that VAUTES can honestly say that Leanne is such a positive force in the community and inspires you to be the best advocate possible, all with a smile on your face. She also participates in a lot of interviews with websites that provides great insight into her and VAUTE.





VAUTE Team Openings! April 28 2015

We're growing and hiring immediately!

VAUTE (Read NYLON.com's piece shot in our new Brooklyn HQ here to learn more about us.)

TO APPLY: Work in fashion or media or business but want to create change for the animals and earth? Want to join a team that's driven to create a better world, and inspired to do it in a way all our own? Want to bring in everything you've learned and then break the rules with us? We'd love to hear from you! Please email your resume with why this is a great fit for you, and why you'd like to be a part of VAUTE during this high growth time. Send to Sales@VauteCouture.com with your name + job title you're applying for as the subject line. Please pass along to anyone who you think would be a great fit, we're hiring our dream team who wants to use their skills and life to change an industry for a better kinder world for all and would love to talk to them!

xoxo Leanne & VAUTE

Design, Development & Production Manager

Freelance Trial: Start with 10-20 hour/week project trial for May-June for developing new styles, textile sourcing, and managing simple small production runs.

Develop new styles with Creative Director & NYC samplemaking team in NYC fashion district, source & develop textiles with Creative Director, manage textile production and arrival, manage cut and sew production both in NYC and new markets potentially like Toronto, plan production schedule, and assist with assortment planning.

With  at least 5-10 years experience in outerwear, knitwear, and domestic production. Ideally leads to full time salary position starting July 1st. Salary is dependent upon expertise.


Manage cashflow and work closely with CEO and Production Manager on inventory planning and schedule, and ensure we have enough to operate that week and month. Process sales tax, insurance, payroll, and make sure we are in compliance with rules and regulations. Must be detail oriented, grounded, a problem solver, great communicator, and mission driven. Can start part time for a trial, and move into full time. Various income structures are an option.

Editorial Content Creator PT or Full Time available

We will be creating an entirely new social media campaign to spread awareness about voting with your everyday choices, empowering yourself to create change in the world, and how fun a conscientious life can be. The right person for this role will be someone who can create a story or post from being part of the experiences that make up the small but mighty growing independent fashion label that we are.  Most content creation can be remote, but you will be participating in weekly meetings and important aspects of VAUTE's inner workings as inspiration for the content, then pitching ideas and creating content for the week. Think of it as creating a magazine about VAUTE, ethical fashion developed and made in NYC, a high growth business, and female entrepreneurship, shared through social media and blog posts and newsletters. Must be on brand, get our voice, and live and breathe the mission, as well as an incredible writer and editor.

Visual Content Creator

Freelance Trial: Start with 10-20 hour/week project trial for May-June for creating visual content for our social media, website, and newsletters including lettering, illustration, photography, and graphic design.

Ideally leads to full time salary position starting July 1st. Has an editorial fashion magazine eye that is fresh, warm, and feels authentic. Think NYLON or DesignSponge, mixing handdrawn details with fresh color and elements, grounded with classic design and geometry. Works well at taking direction and can make structured layouts that are easy to read and convey information.

INTERNSHIP: Visual Artist: Available Immediately, Summer, or Fall, PT or FT

Intern passionate and currently going to school for any or all of these visual arts: lettering, illustration, graphic design, photography, to assist our creative team with creating content for social media and the website, learn how to work from concept to creation, collaborate, create something on brand and within a visual core.  School credit available.

INTERNSHIP: Design or Production: Available Immediately, Summer, or Fall, PT or FT

Assist in the process of creating our fall winter collection while producing our summer collection in the garment district. Participate in all parts of the process from start to finish- concepting and developing new designs, researching new textiles, logistics of production, marketing (photoshoots and fashion shows), and sales and customer feedback, all in Brooklyn & the NYC Garment District.  

Please note, if you don't see a position that's right for you, but you feel strongly about creating change and our mission, please contact us anyway! We might need you on our team in the future, or on a specific project part time. Who know? Would love to know you either way.


VAUTE ("haute" with a V for vegan) created the category of Vegan Apparel as the first vegan fashion apparel brand. Headquartered in Brooklyn, VAUTE focuses on developing clothing that is better than wearing animals, eco-conscious, high style, high function, and using innovative textiles that push the industry forward to a new standard which will one day mean we do not wear animals at all. We believe in creating local jobs and for workers to be treated as the artists they are, paid fairly and in safe working conditions. VAUTE has been featured as 1 of the most innovative businesses in NYC (BusinessInsider), "Breaking runway history" with Leanne as the "Rebel of Fashion Week" (CNN Breaking News), Leanne has been named Most Influential Designer (PETA), and 1 of 40 Redefining Green (Grist.org), and speaks on textile innovation, and social entrepreneurship at textile conferences, fashion shows, fashion weeks, and at universities worldwide. Celebrity fans include Alicia Silverstone, Angela Kinsey, and Emily Deschanel. Currently we are working on opening our new storefront in Manhattan, growing into Canada, and developing sweaters and more of our signature outerwear. We currently develop and produce in NYC's garment district.

Collection Six PREORDERS ARE UP! August 13 2014

I'm so excited- and nervous- for you guys to see everything!

Our SIXTH YEAR of VAUTE starts now- see the whole collection here! 50% off for the first 24 hours starts NOW.

Four Ways to Preorder//

  •  ONLINE at VauteCouture.com- Coat Shop here and Full Collection here.
  • Call us for a phone order between 10am-8pm EST Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm Mondays (347-422-0773)
  • Email Sales@VauteCouture.com, if our online site is confusing (sorry!)!
  • Stop by our Flagship store! We have a couple samples for you to see the new fabrics, and hats, and then you can try on coats from a previous collection and our team will figure out the best size for your preorder. You can email KelseyVaute@gmail.com to make a 20 minute appointment with her to preorder your new favorite coat or hat. She's available at the Flagship Store most weekdays Wednesday-Friday, and Saturday and Sunday, from 1-8pm.


In 2008 I quit everything on a mission to create the perfect winter dress coat- warm enough for a Chicago winter, and kind to animals, the Earth, and the workers, but something that I would wear everywhere! I spent 8 months of development, and in the summer of 2009, at the bottom of the recession, my original plan to fund our first production run via wholesale orders failed. No one was buying from new unproven labels, and per usual, I was late... this was a problem. Since we use special high tech fabrics, they aren't available to buy in stock or in small amounts. To produce the line, I'd have to fund thousands of yards of our fabrics. I didn't know what to do...

So when someone asked if they could preorder a coat from me, I realized this- could be how we fund production! I spent the next three days with my sweet web guys from Missouri creating our preorder site and launched it in the summer of 2009. We had hundreds of preorders from people I'd never met, who had never seen the coats in these brand new high tech ethical fabrics, and we had enough to create the fabrics, and cut and sew my coats in my hometown Chicago. It really was a dream come true! And I learned so much that year, we only had three returns (all three too small for the XS, 1 came back and met me on tour & switched styles.) 

We are still a self-funded independent label! And the bigger we grow, the bigger our production grows. So every year, our Preorder Launch makes this all possible, and to say thanks I offer the biggest discount to our earliest supporters (You!) If you don't mind preordering a Winter Coat when you're wearing cutoffs, you'll get first pick on our Limited Run newest collection, and also 50% off for the first 24 hours. Why order early besides the discount? Well, many of our fabrics are especially made for our label, so once we run out we are soldout until next year.


  • All outerwear (new ones! & final pieces from previous collections) are 50% off for 24 hours
  • All dresses & RTW (new ones! & final pieces from previous collections) are 30% off for 24 hours
  • All of our NEW HATS are $85, reg. $120
  • NOTE- we're doing FREE US SHIPPING for any orders over $400, so be sure to check out the new sweaters, hats, and leggings too, we want you to be so warm and comfy this winter!

After that, most outerwear is 40% off for a week, then 30% off the next, and so on until they ship! Also our final outerwear and dress pieces from last year follow the same discount. You can see them all here

The only exception is the Lincoln- this coat is so massive it takes twice as long to make as the others, so it will be 25% off after the 24 hour special 50% off sale.  We get more requests for this head to toe insulated with Primaloft ECO coat than any other- and if you're in a cold city where you walk a lot, it'll be your best friend this winter!


WonderFelt: I've always wanted one of those pressed felt coats- so stiff, structured, and proper, and a felt hat!! This felt is 100% animal free crafted in the USA of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Also odor resistant, unlike Wool. 

Organic Cotton Moleskin (with Rain & Snow Resistant Finish): For that classic dress coat look, we've worked with one of our favorite mills to create a 100% Organic Cotton Moleskin- it's matte finish, has a soft finish, and is water repellant.

All Insulated Winter Dress Coats: All of our winter dress coats this year are insulated in 100 gram Primaloft ECO and lined in Teijin windproof water resistant Ripstop.

Felt Hats: Handblocked one at a time in one of NYC's last remaining hat factories, using original vintage molds. These are insulated with quilted Primaloft, for cozy warmth, perfect through the winter for keeping your head warm and beautiful.

New RTW: Including a felt pencil skirt, the warmest slimmest winter leggings we could make, and a cozy cocoon sweater with thumb-holes, for every winter day you have to look chic but wish you were just wearing pajamas.

Also- two Snow Coats:

1. The Lincoln is back as our most requested coat. Head to toe insulated, with a hood. Vortex ready.

2. The Derek workman coat is now a quilted, water resistant, 200 gram Primaloft ECO insulated style.


A few of our most common PREORDER FAQ

  1. Fabrics- since these are new fabrics, can you tell me more about them?

YES Making a guide here- check back here for when it's finished!

2. When will my preorder ship?

Check the top of the product page for your style, for when we expect to finish and ship your coat. Each coat is made with love and there can be delays, if there are, we will email you directly and let you know. Thanks for your patience!

3. Can I change my style/color/size during preorders? 

YES, up to 2 weeks before ship date, we can update your style/color/size if you forward your receipt to Sales@VauteCouture.com with "Update Preorder Order ____" as the subject, and we have the size/color/style you want still available. After emailing us, Lisa or Kaitlin will let you know your best options for choosing from which coats aren't spoken for yet, or canceling your order if we are soldout of the size you want. The sooner you know and finalize your choice, the better! If it's within 2 weeks of your coat's ship date, we may have begun making your ship label and organizing your shipment, but email us, and we will do our best to stop your coat from the prep process. We will do our best!

4. Where's your size chart?

Here! But check each style page for specific notes on that style. If a style after we finish production ends up being a bit off by a half or full size, we will update you as well!

5. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world! Be sure to check with your country how much your import taxes and duties are, because we do not have any control over that. We love meeting such wonderful people from all over! Hope to see you on tour sometime!

6. When is a customer charged for a preorder?

Since the point of the preorder discount is to reward our earliest supporters who are helping us to fund production, your credit card will be charged for your preorder when you place the order. If you decide to cancel your order at any point before we ship, it'll be refunded, and takes about 5-10 business days to process.

7. What's your return/exchange policy?

You have until 30 days from the recipient *receiving* the piece to forward us your e-receipt at Sales@vautecouture.com with a return/exchange request, for full refund or store credit. After 30 days, you can exchange for store credit. The piece must be unworn and unwashed. This means if it's a gift, it's 30 days from when the gift recipient gets it (we know it takes time to get it and take it over!) :)

8. Are your coats warm? They don't look that warm. I'm in a cold city- a REALLY cold city!

Ah! This is the magic of the mission. I wanted to create really warm coats that don't look like puffy unflattering hiking styles. So after 8 months of fabric research, I found our perfect equation- marrying high tech performance fabrics and materials made by Mills used by Patagonia and North Face,  with finishes and combinations with other fabrics to give the look of a sharp winter dress coat. So you get the warmth of an athletic winter coat but the look of a style focused coat. I started this company without a background in fashion, but as the daughter of two science people (a pediatrician and an engineer/inventor) because I grew up with terribly cold winters and long commutes in Chicago, so I wanted to create something really protective, that was also ethical and beautiful. (Some coats are meant more for spring, fall, or light winter, and if so this will be noted on the product pages.)

9. Where are your coats made?

Our outerwear and Ready to Wear (dresses, etc) are all made either in my current home sweet NYC, or in my hometown Chicago. People are paid fairly and treated fairly, and I really love supporting two of my favorite cities.

10. Moleskin? Felt? Are you sure these are vegan?

Oh I know these are silly names. Don't worry! Moleskin is a traditional classic heavy cotton fabric. Ours is 100% Organic Cotton with a rain and snow repellent finish. And the Felt is WonderFelt, 100% vegan, and made of recycled plastic bottles. The only reason I created this line was to create something better than wearing animals, so you can rest assured I have intentionally put so much into fabric R&D so that no one will have an excuse to wear animals again. Also, fabrics are as often as possible made of Organic and Recycled fibers too.

11. Are you hiring?

Why yes we are! If you love animals, strangers, and fashion, this fall, we are looking for:

    • Part Time Brand Proxy: Adore people and VAUTE? We're adding a 1-2 day/week proxy to the team!
    • Merchandising & Visual Display Intern: 10-20 hours a week. interested in exploring concept to creation of in store and window artistic displays, and in store merchandising. 
    • Graphic Design/Illustration Intern: 10-20 hours a week. Ideally in NYC. Interested in exploring fashion based editorial layouts, and some typography. Ideally experienced in Illustrator, photography, and typography.
    • Social Media & Marketing Part Time Associate: 20 hours a week, must be in NYC- has natural talent for creating community and the written word, is organized and a self-starter.
    • For the right candidate, start date is as early as September, but is flexible and open-ended.
    • If you think you would be a great fit either of these positions, please email Leanne@VauteCouture.com and I'll be in touch after preorders settle down a bit :)

Additional FAQ can be found here. Or just email my amazing team at Sales@VauteCouture.com or call us!


Okay I think that's everything! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support of my indie label. You make this all possible- we wouldn't be here if not for you, and as we keep growing, we know we couldn't do this without you.



Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (& the VAUTE TEAM!)

Founder & CEO


















VAUTE Playlist #1: Love April 09 2014


SO IT'S SPRING (actually! almost!) and maybe we're noticing some beautiful things sprouting and growing - a little here, a little there. And all things grow best with love. So that's what our first ever VAUTE playlist is dedicated to, our favorite love songs...here they are!

Leanne’s Pick

Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

“I want to hold the hand inside you

I want to take a breath that’s true

I look to you and I see nothing

I look to you to see the truth”


Lisa’s Pick

Gorecki by Lamb

“If I should die this very moment,

I wouldn't fear

For I've never known completeness

Like being here

Wrapped in the warmth of you

Loving every breath of you

Still my heart this moment

Or it might burst”

Swathi’s Pick

Brighter than Sunshine by Aqualung

“What a feeling in my soul, love burns brighter than sunshine

Brighter than sunshine!

Let the rain fall, I don't care! I'm yours, and suddenly you're mine

Suddenly you're mine!

And it's brighter than sunshine”

Kaitlin’s Pick

Oh! Forever by Brakes

“I know it’s you, I know it’s true

Only you, oh, forever

Hold on, ‘cause I’m holding on forever”



Julia’s Pick

Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac

“To the gypsy that remains

Faces freedom with a little fear

I have no fear, I have only love

And it all comes down to you”

Kendall’s Pick

I’ll Be Your Mirror by The Velvet Underground

“I'll be your mirror

reflect what you are, in case you don't know

I'll be the wind, the rain, and the sunset

The light on your door to show that you're home.”

Kelsey’s Pick

Like a Movie - Chris Pureka’s version

“I drive on the back roads

and I think of you

this is what I do

this is what I do

you could call in sick

and you could come along

come along

if you wanted to

if you wanted to

oh, these days

I stay awake

watch you like a movie

all the shadows moving




Asia Tour (pics!) & West Coast Tour Details (coming this week!) December 01 2013


Writing this from Narita airport, terminal 2, waiting to board- it's been a sweet little whirlwind week including sweet potato soy lattes, arriving unexpectedly at Narita same time as Lady Gaga and hearing dozens of people sob for at least an hour, adventure and karaoke with new friends I met in the hotel lobby, and some of the best thrifting sprees, while working from here with my team in NYC (Can't wait to sleep on the plane! I'm so beat. ha) Flew to Seoul last weekend to raise funds & awareness for the animals of Korea as a special guest of C.A.R.E. and Peta-Asia, through a benefit fashion show (hosted by former Miss Korea, Jung Min Lee), with some wonderful live music & an incredible spread of vegan Korean cuisine from Loving Hut. Made my heart so happy. Spoke with press (including VOGUE Korea meep!) about why we don't need to wear animals, and about new fabric development, and that made me even happier, that they cared. 



The Constellation Dress in Midnight (left) and the Belden in Dolphin V/Velveteen (right)

The next day I visited C.A.R.E's Adoption Centers, built above their vegan restaurants that help fund their undercover investigations of dog farms (puppy mills? I asked. no, dog farms-where dogs are raised for meat), and show Korea how wonderful it can be to eat a plant based diet.  C.A.R.E.'s center is one of the sweetest spaces I've ever been to- every detail infused with so much love down to the wall of notes to the dogs and cats, written by volunteers and visitors, and the inscribed floor that says, "first, clean the cage. then, empty the cage." And after meeting the wonderful rescued dogs and cats, and their incredible team- I had the hardest time leaving...


Then I hopped a plane to Tokyo for a couple days. Visited the Mori Art Museum and saw the most beautiful view of the city, walked into the observatory right at magic hour.


Missed everyone back home so so much (sending so much love!) but did my best to celebrate Thanksgiving in Tokyo with new friends and a delicious Macrobiotic feast, including this #vegan Strawberry Shortcake. Why are all the desserts in Asia so darn 110% cute?! It's like a mathematical certainty.



So, I'm heading home now and then this week & next I'll be in LA, San Francisco, and Portland for my annual Pop Up Shop tour! I only get a chance to do this like once or twice a year so if you want to see the new stuff or just catch up with me, please holler!

I've got a day or two of appointments in each city, so we can have one on one time. Each appointment is about 20 minutes and I've got tons of new stuff- we finished all the new coats, and I also will bring some beautiful gift ideas (for yourself works too! I won't tell ;))-- satin & velvet dresses, skirts, organic button downs, sherpa mens turtlenecks, art prints, organic headpieces, hats, and more! Anything you particularly would love to see too, let Kaitlin know and she'll see if we can pack it in time, no promises though, I only have a couple bags!


  • Special tour only prices, as always! (30% off one coat, 40% off your second, or if you already bought a coat this season any additional coats are 40% off), 25% off all collection pieces and casuals... and that's all take home or immediate ship. <3
  • Of course NO pressure to buy, just come to say hi, free hugs, check out stuff in person if you want to see it, feel it, try it on!
  • Bring up to 4 friends to shop too or just help you pick out that perfect coat!
  • Vegan snacks provided, mmmmmm
To make an appointment, email Kaitlin (she just moved here from the Midwest!) at KaitlinVaute@gmail.com with what date, city, and a few hours of options for her to see where you fit in best. She'll email you your time slot, but give her a few days as she organizes it all! :)

    *LOS ANGELES POP UP SHOP with Mercy for Animals*

    THURSDAY December 5th, 3pm-8pm, by appointment

    Email KaitlinVaute@gmail.com with your best two hours and we'll get you your appointment!

    Mercy For Animals Headquarters: 7908 Santa Monica Blvd. LA (Updated address, please note!) Phone: (866) 632-6446  

    And hey! We're donating 10% of sales that day to Mercy for Animals! Come check out their brand new retail space and headquarters, and support the incredible work they do for the animals through groundbreaking undercover investigations and campaigns around the world.


    *SAN FRANCISCO POP UP SHOP at the 1st Vegan Shop Up/Brunch (Updated!)

    SATURDAY December 7th: 2-5p, by appointment

    SUNDAY December 8th: 2 to 6pm, by appointment

    Where: the Vegan Shop Up & Brunch 


    UPDATE- We didn't realize that the Vegan shop Up was the same weekend and I'd love to see everyone who will be there too! So we're just combining to have our SF Pop up there :)

    To make an appt- Email KaitlinVaute@gmail.com with your best two hours and we'll get you your appointment! Or stop in for a walk in between appointments :) Details here. omg Miyoko's cheese! Herbivore! It's going to be just like summer camp. I can't wait.




    WEDNESDAY December 11th, 6-8pm: RSVP HERE on FB

    Come hang out and see the new stuff, with all my favorite Portland vegans! (You can buy stuff too of course! But, it's best to come see what you like and then make an appointment for Thursday for serious try-on fests.)

    THURSDAY December 12th: Pop Up Shop-Noon to 6pm, by appointment

    RSVP by emailing Kaitlin your favorite hour or two. (KaitlinVaute@gmail.com)

    Come hang out one on one with me to see all the new styles, pick out what's best for you! Oh and grab some great gifts for the holidays, we'll have all price ranges from $20+

    WHERE: at Herbivore: 1211 SE Stark Street, Portland, Oregon 97214

    If you're from Portland, of course you know Michelle & Josh, founders of Herbivore, but I'm so lucky that I do too! The hosts with the mosts, I can't wait for giggles and fun with these two and all you wonderful people in Portland.



    Alright that's it I think!! I'm only in town doing a full pop up once a year so I hope it works out and I can see all of you!

    Remember to email Kaitlin to make an appointment (except for the Wine/Cheese Herbivore party, you can RSVP for that here on fb.) Can't wait to see you guys! Any suggestions of favorite food or new finds in each city, you can email me or kaitlin too, I won't be mad. ;)



    Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, VAUTE Founder (and my new friend from Seoul, strawberry cream oolong tea)


    NYC POP UP DAYS! 10/24-27 October 22 2013

    Hey sweet ladies and gents et al!

    We've finished the production of our very first full RTW (ready-to-wear) collection, which we showed at New York Fashion Week in February and is made in the NYC Garment District here by our cut & sew team, of the sweetest organic velvets, closed loop recycled satins, and waxed canvas (the prettiest better option to leather!) and now you can come shop them all for 20% off, for take home... (special prices are by appointment only! walk ins pay full price) we have a ton of colors that we did limited runs of in the shop that we don't have photos of yet, too- robinsegg blue velvet, cobalt satin, and more. Can't wait to show you!

    And in your appointment, if you haven't yet- you can also preorder your winter coat at a special 35% off for one, 40% off your 2nd+. Also if you've already ordered one this season, your 2nd+ will be at 40% off. *Special pricing is for in person appointments only during these NYC Pop Up Days 10/24-10/27.*

    We are madly finishing production and your support now helps us pay our Cut & Sew team! xo

    ::TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT:: Thursday 10/24-Sunday 10/27 2pm-7pm

    Email Lisa at LisaVaute@Gmail.com with what date between 10/24 (Thursday) and 10/27 (Sunday) is best for you, and what hours (i.e. 2-4pm) and she'll email you back with your 20 minute time slot! Feel free to bring up to 3 friends to help you pick out the perfect coat, or get their own.  

    We can't wait to see you!!!



    Leanne (this weekend with her favorite boy Sparky at Woodstock Santuary!) & the VC team




    VAUTE IS HIRING! October 04 2013


    HI YES HI! We are growing super fast, and hiring a few absolutely wonderful people to join our HQ team in Brooklyn.  I want to be super clear up front what you're getting into: Please know that with Vaute, every job with us is a high responsibility position, and for any position, we're looking for someone with a very particular problem solving, take charge attitude, who is at once easygoing, positive, and loves to figure things out & make them better. More on that later in this post (see "See if you're a fit for us!") but just so you know the basics right away. <3 

    Here's an overview of who we are!

    VAUTE, named by Business Insider as one of the 25 most innovative companies in NYC, and seen on CNN Breaking News as "Breaking Runway History", in US News & World Report, with owner Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart named the "rebel of Fashion Week" (CNN), 1 of 40 Redefining Green (Grist.org), "a badass businesswoman, informative & inspiring" (Bust Magazine), and chosen as the female Game Changer of the Conde Nast/Mazda Campaign, opposite Bre Pettis (MakerBot, inventor of 3D Printing).

    Founded in 2008 to reinvent the winter dress coat to be at once beautiful and protective- using technical fabrics that give the warmth of a winter sports coat, but with finishes, drapes, and cuts of a luxe winter dress coat, all while using new innovative animal free, eco-conscious fabrics, and produced locally, Vaute funded its first production in 2009 via hundreds of preorders, ordered in the middle of summer, by people who had never seen or felt the coats, or met Leanne in person. Vaute moved to NYC in the summer of 2010 to develop & produce in NYC's garment district, and opened its first Flagship Store in March of 2012. In February 2013, Vaute was the first all vegan label to show at New York Fashion Week, and was included on the Fashion Calendar Grid for their first solo debut show- which was covered by W, Lucky, Marie Claire, CNN, US News & World Report, BusinessInsider, & more.

    We are currently a self-funded bootstrapped independent company who focuses on being resourceful so we can continue to grow and put our resources into making an impact on the fashion industry & making a compassionate lifestyle inspiring & accessible. If you love adventure, challenges, and finding out what you're made of- please consider growing with us! <3


    How To Apply:

    1. Read the descriptions below, send an email to me at Leanne@VauteCouture.com with the job title and your name in the subject, i.e. "Brand Proxy: Kelly McKay" 

    2. In the email, let me know why you felt compelled to apply- why you'd like to work with us, and why you'd be a good fit for VAUTE. 

    3. Attach your resume or portfolio, and feel free to include links to your work, whether creative, projects, activism, or whatever you think would make you a great fit for VAUTE.

    4. We are swamped right now in production and I'm on tour (hence needing more team members stat!) :) So please don't be upset if we can't get back to you right away. We'll let you know asap if we think it might be a good fit and would like to meet in person.

    5. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It means so much that you'd like to join us! Please check back- we'll continue to add jobs and maybe one will be a great fit for you in the future.


    These are the Vaute POSITIONS Currently Open

    **INTERNS** We are always looking for wonderful interns, who are looking to see the ins and outs of a small fast growing business and do important work that affects the whole company. There are specializations in Operations, Design/Development, Marketing, and Visual Design. School credit is available. We are super busy this season and looking for two interns (ideally in operations, marketing, or visual design) for immediate hire on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and also for Winter Quarter starting January. Please send an email of why you'd like to intern at Vaute, and what makes you a great fit! with your resume to me at leanne@vautecouture.com. Excited to hear from you!

    1. Brand Proxy/Customer Service Specialty (Immediate) A warm people person who loves to listen & connect. Must be a fan of VAUTE and know the line inside and out. We're looking for someone really special, humble, with a talent for people, who cares so much about our mission to change the fashion industry, and loves fashion- fit, styling, & fabrics... someone who will be the person people love to experience Vaute with. Will be representing us on the weekends at the shop, as well as at special events, potentially travel options are available for on tour events too.

    Our Proxies not only focuses on creating an experience for all our friends & guests that come in the shop, but also helps run the shop- including handling daily operations like shipping, inventory, research, and coordinating the new customer #VauteLove programs. They also manage and delegate to our wonderful interns so we can accomplish daily projects and plans together.

    Customer Service Specialty means you will be working half with people in person, and half via email/phone to create connections through words, and help solve problems for our favorite people, our supporters, to make sure they know how important they are and have a wonderful experience with us! You'll also be working on customer love programs, and potentially programs with nonprofit partners, in store events, tour events, etc. depending on your passions and experience.

    Must be amazing with people, humble, able to handle criticism & challenges with a positive attitude, and have a strong desire to connect with others. Must be extremely organized, and enjoy coordinating projects, people, and seeing a vision become a reality.

    2. Weekend & Events Brand Representative (Immediate & for Holiday in November-December): A warm people person who sparkles as much as he/she listens. Must be a fan of Vaute and know the line inside and out. We're looking for someone really special, humble, with a talent for people, who cares so much about our mission to change the fashion industry, and loves fashion- fit, styling, & fabrics, who will be the person people love to experience Vaute with. Will be representing us on the weekends at the shop, as well as at weekday and weekend events like the Grand Central Gift Fair (mid Nov-Dec), potentially travel options are available for on tour events too. 

    3. Team/Project Manager (Not immediate, but we are looking for someone for the near future for this, please contact us!)

    We've got a lot going on! Partnerships with nonprofits, events at the shop with brands, local rescues, and artists, daily operations like shipping and customer service, touring to new cities, and of course launching new styles and collections in the store, and on social media! We need someone extremely organized to keep everything on schedule, to problem solve, to prioritize, and strategize, so that our plans are followed through, everyone can do their job, and we are working in tandem as a full team. Must LOVE problem solving, creating processes, routines, managing people, bringing out the best in them, seeing how they work and learn best, and strategizing.  

    • MUST have experience managing others, ideally in small business or nonprofit settings where your level of responsibility was high, and the outcome of your work was incredibly meaningful.
    • MUST have experience project managing- whether your own projects or at a nonprofit or business.
    • MUST love animals, people, fashion, and Vaute.

    4. Operations Director: (Not Immediate- we are looking for a very specific fit, please help us find the right person! xo)

    This self-funded venture has been growing quickly and is now looking to hire its first director- the Operations Director, to oversee manufacturing including materials production, as well as shipping and order fulfillment. This includes coordinating production timelines and assortment plans, ordering of materials, importing of fabrics, management of cut and sew production, and delivery and shipment of finished product. Must love a fast paced, small team environment, have an eye for creative but a love for function, and be versed in fashion production and manufacturing, or have a passion for fashion and be able to learn industry very quickly.  Happy to discuss how we can create the right package for the right person.

    $1,000 retail store credit for the person who refers us to the right person for this position (Operations Director only).


    *PLEASE NOTE- Working at a start-up/growing venture/is not for everyone- Read on to see if you're a fit for us!*

    I'm going to try to be really clear about this. We are a very small very fast growing venture! It's exciting and it's stressful, we make mistakes daily and everyone's actions have very big impacts on our customers, our company, and our mission. This takes a particular personality and it's totally okay if you aren't that person- but here's what you'll need if you are:

    You must be great under pressure, inspired and energized by a change of plan, and can stay positive in stressful, fast-paced, high responsibility situations. You must be both motivated by our mission and your own personal drive for excellence, to figure out where you can be most helpful without being micromanaged. You'll need to be comfortable doing new things daily, making mistakes, learning from them, and asking for help. Humility is key in a fast growing self funded venture- as you'll be constantly learning and feeling a fool (I do, every single day), and must be able to ask for help as well as to admit mistakes, because this will happen daily as we are doing our best with the smartest small team I can build, and we make the most of limited financial and time constraints.

    Everyone's job is full of three parts- 1. People. People are everything- customers, partners, vendors- it all comes down to how much you care, value, and appreciate them. 2. Creativity. We are creating a lifestyle, beautiful things, and an experience. If you're a fit for us, seeing a vision go from concept to reality is probably one of your favorite things, and gets you super excited! 3. Function/Daily Operations: Everyone has a huge role daily in making sure our company runs smoothly- whether in daily store functions, inventory, or shipping. We can't create relationships or create anything wonderful or innovative without knowing the basic operations are covered. When we're huge we'll have team members who just focus on each of these aspects, but as it is, you will focus on all three (Sorry!), and therefore I'm looking for a balanced superstar- one who is warm, creative, organized, positive, humble, and a natural problem solver.

    Please note, we are self-funded & since we're growing so quickly, we put back as much as possible into the company- meaning, we're bootstrapping. If you are looking for the big bucks at a job that is super specialized and routine- this isn't for you, I'm sorry! (but please keep in touch!) If you'd like to work for a company working its hardest to change the fashion industry and make compassionate living easier and more fun, then please join us! If you're looking for a fulfilling, challenging, exciting opportunity to create change and art, happy moments, and wonderful relationships all over the world with inspiring people, then hi! we'd love to have you! Your work is directly responsible for our success. As we grow, we'll continue to develop your growth at Vaute as we are able to, both in specializing your position to your talents and passions, and increasing your financial compensation as we grow. What you do here is allowing us to be THE pioneer international cult brand that sets the standard for ethical fashion, and aims to inspire mainstream fashion to be better.

    Also- we are ALWAYS looking for the most wonderful interns on earth. We can get you class credit! If you're interested, email me with the kind of internship you'd like- marketing, operations, design, visual arts. 


    Okay, i think that's everything! Really looking forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for considering joining us!


    Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Founder

    Mais oui! <3 VAUTE IS COMING TO EUROPE! PS- NYC days soon! October 04 2013

    Hey belles and beaus!

    We're coming to Paris for the very first (*official*) time, with our besties Joshua Katcher of BraveGentleMan, James Koroni & Tracey Katoff of Enforced Arch. Come see our show at Paris Vegan Days on 10/11- and then stop by to say hi at our tables at Paris Vegan Day on Saturday 10/12, and stop by in London at our Pop Up Shop (yes, it's on!)

    We'll be stopping in London first, and having a little Pop Up Shop at Cock & Bull (I know I know), a sustainable ethical menswear boutique, next Wednesday, 10/9 at 5pm. Stop by to see all the new stuff and preorder your coat, or grab one of our brand new not online let organic ties, embroidered necklaces, new limited edition organic button downs and dresses!   Special tour prices oo lala.


    Email me at Leanne@vautecouture.com to set up your 20 minute face to face with me! Come try on new stuff, preorder your coat, or just hang out. Up to 4 people per appointment, so feel free to bring bestie, mom, or whoever to help you pick out your favorite stuff- or to shop as a group. Swamped and traveling so my response will be slow but just let me know what hours are best for you to stop by between 5-10pm on Wednesday, and I'll email back your slot before Wednesday am. (If my internet is insane while traveling-which happens- and you don't hear back, just show up.) Can't wait to see you!

    xoxo Leanne

    Also- if you have any suggestions of must eats and sees pretty please let me know! Message me direct- leanne@vautecouture.com

    NYC friends!! Stay tuned- we're scheduling some Pop Up Days in our Flagship store for you to Preorder your coat and see all the new ones in person, plus the newest dresses, sweaters, etc for holiday and some ready now that aren't on the site yet! Keep an eye on FB for when we start taking appointments.  

    Also on the calendar- WEST COAST TOUR, Canada, and KOREA coming up in November & December.


    Leanne Mai-ly, VAUTE Founder 

    PREORDERS ARE UP! All the FAQ <3 September 06 2013

    YES! Preorders are UP! And ohmygosh are you guys the BEST! I can hardly handle how wonderful you all are. The support for the new line makes me so so happy!!! Your preorders literally fund our production so it's a little scary sometimes but days like this are extra special- they remind me of the incredible support of people all over the world who care as much as I do about the rights of others, and about creating positive change through business. After an intense final stretch of preparing for the launch, I only got 5 hours of sleep last (last) night, but I woke up with the biggest smile on my face- thanks to all of your tweets, posts, and pics!
    Sorry for the delay on this official FAQ! I'm feeling a little under the weather from the lack of sleep this week, making me a wee bit slower than normal. Also Kristina is trapped under a pile of emails! So, we're doing our best to get back to you asap! Please know that if we didn't answer your Q before the 50% coat pricing was closed, you will still get that pricing, if you emailed sales@vautecouture.com during that price window. Same goes for the next few weeks- whenever you first email about ordering your piece, that pricing will stand even if we can't get back to you or resolve your Q in time. Okay? SO no worries, no rush, it's all good!
    That being said! Many fabric styles and colors ARE super limited run- we're only making a handful of some- so if you love a favorite fabric, be sure to order now! We already soldout of some styles within the first few hours (you guys are FAST!) After 9am EST tomorrow, prices will move through the schedule here, which means 45% off coats and 30% off RTW, until next Friday am. 
    DAY 1: 50% off Coats, 35% off RTW  (extended until Friday 9/6 9am EST)
    WEEK 1: 45% off Coats, 30% off RTW for the next week, Friday 9/6-Friday am 9/13
    WEEK 2: 35% off Coats, 25% off RTW, Friday 9/13- Friday am 9/20
    WEEK 3: 30% off Coats, 20% off RTW, Friday 9/20- Friday am 9/27
    WEEK 4 until preorders ship: 25% off Coats, 15% off RTW, Friday 9/27-- until preorders ship
    1. What is the difference between fabrics? How do they compare to the Luxe and V Wool from season 3? 
    A. I'm continuing to innovate new cold weather dress coat constructions and am really excited about the new Primaloft ECO insulated styles that we're introducing this season, as well as the V/Velveteen- softest coats ever. 
    The Insulated Styles are broken down into Shell, and Liner. The Shell is super luxurious gorgeous classic moleskin and velvet. This is what beautiful vintage coats look like. I am so in love with the finish on these. The moleskin (vegan, of course), is a matte finish version of the velvet. The liner is quilted with Primaloft ECO, a down alternative made of recycled fibers. It's designed as very thin insulation for the coldest of climates, so it's flattering yet very warm, and will fit into your dress coat without bulk. The liner fabric itself is windproof- so you end up with a windproof, insulated high tech coat that looks like a beautiful chic flattering dress coat.
    The V/Velveteen is in the same tradition as our previous seasons' dress coat shell fabrics- it's made of 100% recycled fibers, and is heat retaining, snow resistant, and windproof. It's incredibly soft, has a softer drape than the Luxe, and is about as warm as the V-Wool was last season- perfect for cold weather, and getting around in wintery cities, and our longest ones- the Audrey and Emily- are extra warm of the styles in this fabric. But, if you want the warmest coat possible from us- go with the Lincoln, or a longer insulated moleskin or organic velvet coat. That being said, I started VAUTE to design warm beautiful dress coats, so either way you are getting a warm beautiful dress coat. It's just that some are warmer than others!
    2. What if I need to switch my order, now that I've deliberated/learned more?
    A. We want to get you the perfect coat! And yes, I'm so sorry for not getting this up sooner! But you can definitely switch your order if need be. Just forward your receipt to sales@vautecouture.com with "Change of Order Request" in the subject- this is a request, so please keep in mind Kristina will get back to you as soon as she can! And then you can switch to another style we have in stock! Let her know which ones you like best and we'll figure out what's the best option for you!! 
    3.  Fit and Style Notes: Where is your size chart and what styles are best for different body types?
    We'll be getting up some measurements on the website soon per product page to help but in general, I try to design so that a style can be great, while it may look different, on different body types- I do design so that a skirt will look great whether it hits you above, at, or below knee, if you need to roll up the cuffs because you have shorter arms or if you have long ones. First- our size chart is here!  
    Generally- petites look extra great in the Wings, the Book (roll up the sleeves), the Traveler (roll up the sleeves), and the Vaute of any season. The graduated skirt is super flattering to make your legs look miles long.
    Generally- tall friends (well, firstly- our models are generally pretty tall so you can see how they'd look on you!), the Wings, Pegasus, Book and Traveller have sleeves that are extra long. (For shorter arms, they can roll up.) As does the James (since it's a borrowed mens coat). The Audrey's sleeves are a tad longer too- but check the product page for exact numbers.
    Generally- busty friends, the book and Traveler have plenty of room, as does the borrowed James, the Emily is pretty sexy if you want to zip it up and leave the top open and make the rest of us jealous! ;) The Audrey seems to work well too for curvier women and the Belden we've had adjusted- you can have the buttons moved over to make room in the bust. 
    Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions, but really any style can look amazing on any body type if it's right for you! I always recommend taking your coat to the tailor to make some tiny adjustments (sleeve length, makes a HUGE difference, as does taking the waist in a tiny bit) so that your coat fits you like a glove. Also, I really did try to design the styles to work great on different body types! If you get your coat and it isn't perfect for you, let us know, and we'll figure out what style will be! Or come to our Brooklyn store, or a pop up shop stop when I'm on tour, to try them on in person. I hope that helps!
    More FAQ coming this weekend. Stay tuned! thanks SO much for your patience! xoxo Leanne

    We`re launching tomorrow!! Share and we`ll send you a handmade *V* necklace! <3 September 03 2013


    So. If you didn't know this- we wouldn't be here without you. It's my FIFTH year (fifth year I can't believe it!) of Vaute Couture!!

    In 2009, for my first season I wasn't quite sure what to do in the bottom of the recession... I had started VAUTE to create the perfect winter coat, I knew that if I could make one prettier and warmer than traditional animal based fabrics, then there would be no excuse left to wear animals. But 2008-09 wasn't the easiest time to start- boutiques weren't buying and I didn't know how I'd fund the first run- especially when I had to pay for all these custom fabric runs of special weatherproof & ethical fabrics. So when you all suggested preordering (which would fund production) and then helped me spread the word by sharing with your friends, I couldn't have felt luckier. So many of you have never met me, and you believed in me, and my mission. I'm eternally grateful.

    So every year I do the same- our earliest supporters (you!) get 50% off their preordered coat (35% off dresses!), which we'll start making for you! 

    And this starts TOMORROW. Yes, tomorrow!

    Please keep an eye on our FACEBOOK for the moment of launch <3 (Several fabric styles are super limited run, like less than a dozen or two, so if you have a favorite be sure to grab it first!)

    And every year you've shared pics of yourself in your Vaute coats (which make me squeeeeal with joy!) and told friends about the launch. And this year, I thought- hey- I want to design a necklace for all of you sweethearts for which I wouldn't be here without. 

    (Photo from our NYFW debut from the Self Portrait Project. Hi Andy!)

    Here is said necklace below...

    What you don't like pink?! Me neither! (yes, I do!) Okay well, we'll make you one in gray then :) It's handmade by my friend Kristy (not to be confused with my other friend Christy who also makes necklaces that I design for us! Oh, life, don't be so confusing).


    1. When you share the Presale- all you have to do is tag us @VauteCouture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and then hashtag #VauteLove.   (If you post a selfie or a pic of yourself wearing Vaute also hashtag #HowIVaute and we'll repost some favs!)

    2. Then, screenshot it over to my girl Nicole at NicoleVaute@gmail.com (this part is really important so we can keep track & get in touch!), and next week when it isn't so insane at Vaute HQ she'll let you know if you were one of the first 50 (starting when we launch) and get all your details to get you your necklace. And if you weren't, you'll still get $10 towards free stuff. details soon!

    3. To answer a few Q's! This ends Wednesday September 11th at midnight, and don't forget to include a note about the launch and the 50% off (or 45% off after day 1) coat preorders, with a link, so they know what's going on & where to find us <3 

    So Hi! and big thanks! I'll spare you the details- It can be rough running an independent label...  But you all make life so wonderful, and seeing your pics always makes my day!! So please, keep posting and helping us spread the word! It means the world. <3


    <3 <3 <3

    Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (at the RedRobinSong GuestHouse in Upstate NY- btw- beautiful vegan B&B of my dreams!)

    VAUTE's Founder 

    Anatomy of a Shoot: Behind the Scenes of Our Fall Collection August 15 2013

    Here at Vaute we think of the new year just as we always did in school: the fashion year starts with AUTUMN! Things have been extra crazed here as we've been shooting galore for the FW13 Look Book, and our late Summer/early Autumn organic print collection. Here's some behind the scenes of our Monday night (till late!) shoot last week with friends Anthony Two Moons, MUA Candice Crawford using all vegan cruelty free beauty from DeVita, and the giggles a minute sweetheart, model Maggie Geha (Oh and we had a vegan sushi break from the Green Roll too. So. Full. Don't be jels.)

    By Vaute Girl,

    Anjelika Romeo-Hall 

    Gorgeous Maggie gets made up by Candice, using all DeVita- vegan & cruelty free beauty.


    Our For the love of Dog top is back in a sweet tank!

    Here Anthony captures Maggie wearing the newest color- our fav- black with silver.


    Oh Maggie. This girl- cuteness inside and out.


    So many pics! Which should we picks!

    Here Leanne selects from shots of our new jumpers.


    Pssst this is one of my favorite tanks- "Meow or never friends forever"

    #canihaveitalready #catloversyesweare


    Candice is busy fixing Maggie's hair-

    I'm busy dreaming of owning this pair of shortalls in poppy love organic canvas.


    I've seen this coat in my dreams, and now it's available for fall!? YAY.

    Made of 100% recycled fibers, made of recycled clouds right?


    Peekaboo, it's here! The Belden made from the amazing and cruelty free waxed canvas material.

    Our most popular cut is back in waxed, ready for wind, rain, and you!


    I'm so in Summer Love with this weather- vegan BBQs on patios, camping, visiting Animal Sanctuaries! (Well, it's sprinkly today- but that kind of sprinkle that's sweet, and warm, and makes me want to curl up with a good Anais Nin diary...)

    AND ONE MORE THING I LOVE, seeing all of you! So please come this week to the Pop Up Shop to get a one on one appointment and take home spring & summer pieces at special prices, preorder new summer pieces we'll make for you, or come to our Coat Sample Sale on Sunday (June 16th) for free hugs, treats, and the best deal you'll find on a Vaute coat EVER.


    WHEN: Online Tuesday June 11th 1pm-Thursday June 13th 1pm/

    In Person at our Brooklyn Flagship Store Sunday June 16th 1-8pm

    WHERE: VauteCouture.com Online & 234 Grand Street, Brooklyn In Person!

    WHAT: Our craziest prices on the final pieces from our winter coat collections. If you can find your size, color, and style, this will be quite a steal for you. Friends welcome!

    YOU GUYS! We're nearly soldout of most styles of our Signature Winter Dress Coats and Snow Coats, but there are a few left and we'd love for them to get a great home! Get a steal on your own Vaute Coat for 48 hours only online at VauteCouture.com on Tuesday June 11th at 1pm EST to Thursday June 13th 1pm EST, or in person at our Flagship Store on Sunday June 16th from 1-8pm! For 48 hours only, all of the final pieces from the winter styles will be $175 each. And in person on Sunday June 16th, they'll be $175 each or buy one at current sale price and second is $100. These are the most insane prices we have- since they're just a few styles, colors, and sizes left from our previous collections! If you're lucky and they fit you then you get a steal! It's two days only online, and 1 day only in person, no exceptions!

    RSVP Pretty Please + Thanks You

    RSVP at KristinaVaute@gmail.com so we have a head count, not required but if we fill up it'd be good to be on the list just in case- our shop is tiny so space is limited!


    Leanne-Can't wait to see you all at the Sample Sale (I'll be in for some appts too)!





     Vaute's SUMMER LOVE POP UP!

    June 8th to June 15th at our Brooklyn Flagship Store

    We soldout of a lot of sizes already, so I want to make a ton more, in repeat and new prints! Plus I'm making new organic canvas jumpers and shortalls in flower and bird prints! SO, we want to know what to make for you- and we're having our first SUMMER LOVE POP UP SHOP to see you and find out!

    By appointment only, you can come in and preorder a dress in a new print, or a soldout size, one of our new summer pieces, or take home something from the store- all at special Favorite Fan prices only (25% off everything that's full price, plus sample sale prices on winter coats)! (Walk ins won't get the same discount you will.)  So if you've had your eye on something, like our Waxed Canvas Motorcycle jackets, or tees or sweatshirts, button downs, etc, now's the time to stock up!

    WHEN: This Saturday through Next Saturday June 8th-15th BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

    WHAT: Fav Fan 25% off pricing on EVERYTHING (and Sample Sale pricing on winter coats), including preorders on new summer pieces, new summer prints, soldout sizes, all special pricing!

    HOW: By Appointment Only! (Walk Ins won't get to preorder or get special pricing or get to preorder.) Make an appointment by emailing Kristina at KristinaVaute@gmail.com with your ideal day and hour, and we'll email you back with your half hour time slot. You can bring up to 4 friends (to help decide what to get, or shop too!)


    (below at maybe just the funnest vegan potluck we just had in Central Park- missed your face if you couldn't make it, hope to see you soon!)

    (Pic from my girl Emily Nolan (of MyKindOfLife.com)!)



    SO FIRSTLY- Farm Sanctuary is honoring me, WHAT! On Saturday May 4th, we're recreating the New York Fashion Week show of which CNN said on CNN Breaking News-- "Animal Free Clothes Make Runway History" and US News & World Report told the world, "No one missed the leather- or the fur." Farm Sanctuary is one of my favorite favorite nonprofits, their sanctuaries in Watkins Glen, NY and in California are heaven on Earth- a place where animals rescued from the hell of factory farming in America can live out their lives together, in the sunshine. If you get the chance to go, GO. The sanctuary gives people a chance to meet animals like those killed in the billions every year in the United States alone, so that hopefully many will choose differently after spending time with these beautiful souls. 


    Here's the invite below for the show May 4th in NYC! Please come and support Farm Sanctuary!!

    Buy your tickets to my Fashion Show for Farm Sanctuary HERE, also featuring accessories by Brave GentleMan, Love is Mighty, Matt & Nat, Hair by Salon Champu, and Makeup by the Body Shop-- all vegan, cruelty free of course! Food by Jay Astafa (below) & Desserts by Fran Costigan.

    Also the food will be super delicious h'ors dourves by Jay Astafa, the chef behind the insane vegan menu at Three Brothers. He's also having an incredible pop-up restaurant this Thursday & Friday for two days only! It's almost sold-out! I'll be there Thursday in the kitchen, if you come please stop by to say hi.

    Jay Kitchen: A Two-Day Vegan Fine Dining Pop-Up from Sparrow Media on Vimeo.

    YOU GUYS. It's an all vegan 8 course tasting menu including DRAGON CARAMEL POPCORN (yes please!) and a Cheese Plate including aged cashew cheese & brie, strawberry rhubarb compote, orange scented vegan honey with rosemary almond crackers. ARE YOU SERIOUS, JAY! And how old are you? Geez, we all better get moving on our own talents.


    More about the Pop Up (from Sparrow Media)

    While most NYC vegan attractions revel in their unique abilities to create replications of meat and dairy dishes through the use of soy and wheat-based analogs, jay kitchen will revisit the roots of vegetarian sensibilities and present dishes that celebrate the vegetables themselves.  Astafa honors the fact that it was these same soy-heavy vegan comfort foods made 3 Brothers a destination restaurant for vegans across the country, gained him a cult following, and earned him features in The New York Times, and CBS Nightly News, but he also is eager to show the world that vegan fine dining is not only possible …it can also be an amazing experience.  Those dining at the jay kitchen pop-up will experience an  8-course tasting menu with brilliant displays of spring vegetables, hand-made cashew bries, butters and pastas (with gluten free options), braided with modern culinary techniques like Astafa’s balsamic caviar (a molecular gastronomy creation) and playful highlights like “smoking” liquid nitrogen infused caramel corn balls (a testimonial to Astafa’s youth amidst a sophisticated dining experience).  For dessert courses Astafa will be collaborating with his close friend, vegan pastry chef, Dani McGrath. 


    TICKETS FOR JAY KITCHEN ARE HERE: http://jaykitchenpopup.eventbrite.com/

    Hope to see you Thursday (or the 4th!, or (crazy idea) BOTH)!!


    Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, VAUTE founder


    VAUTE at New York Fashion Week- YOU'RE INVITED! January 31 2013

    YOU GUYS!!! (So many exclamation marks I know!)

    I'm SO beyond excited/scared/excited to announce that we're doing our first solo show at New York Fashion Week, as the first all vegan label to show at NYFW! And we made the official Fashion Week Grid (Scroll down to the grid- see that teeny tiny type on Wed. February 6th, 11:30-12:30? That's us. Eep.) I'm so excited to have the chance to show the industry that there's no reason to wear animals.

    I've had my outerwear & tee line for a few years now, but this past year I've been working on research & development of my first full RTW line, including tops, satin dresses, skirts, pants, and sweaters- made from the latest in vegan and eco fabrics some which have never been shown before or used before in production. This includes luxe organic cotton velvet that's quilted with recycled Thinsulate for colorful whimsical coats with details of metallic vegan leather made of all recycled fibers, printed organic blouses, 100% recycled satin pants, waxed canvas skirts & pants, and more... Including some mens too!

    My show is sponsored partially by the amazing Humane Society of the United States, because they work so hard to educate the fashion industry about the cruelties of fur and using animals in fashion. If you haven't seen their video by Woody Harrelson yet, here it is. Also sponsored by our awesome makeup team doing all vegan makeup from DeVita, & amazing hair will be by Champu Salon in NYC, who uses all vegan products. Cutest sweets designed just for the show in my fav flavors (like matcha & strawberry) are being whipped up by noneother than the grossly talented Danielle Konya and her Vegan Treats team. I LOVE her (is an understatement)... plus music spun by DJ Diggy Lloyd, her cuteness will also stun you. 

    Oh & adoptable puppies dogs (might) be on site as a few of the models? We'll see! Sh!

    SO- the most important news of all- I WANT YOU TO COME! Fashion Week is an industry thing... it's for editors and buyers, that's why it's on a weekday during the day (Sorry the show is daytime, but since it's 11:30-12:30 so if you work in the city, maybe you can take an early lunch?). BUT, what would I be without you guys? How could we be showing the world that people care about animals and not wearing them if not for you? So please- if you can make it to NYC for the show (this coming Wednesday February 6th, 11:30am-12:30pm), then you can get exclusive tickets one of two ways:


    1.   Post a photo of yourself wearing anything VAUTE (now through Sunday 10pm EST)... a tee, a necklace, a coat, or at the store! If you already have a photo, or want to take a new one- whatever you'd like. Then post & tag us (Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook, @VauteCouture) with why you're excited about us showing at fashion week! Or maybe a favorite quote that helps you keep going when life's not so fun/easy/... or just a heart? haha  Then send the link to your post (or if it's on FB we'll see it on our page, so just let us know that's you!) to KristinaVaute@Gmail.com with your email address & full name. We'll pick our favs to put on the list at the door, and we'll get you the full invite. Make sure you can be available for the show in NYC at 11:30 on 2/6, oh and you can bring a friend/coworker if you'd like but no need to! (Most people go solo to Fashion Week events.)

    2.  Stop in to see us at the shop this weekend! We love seeing you!! Starting tomorrow (Friday) through Sunday- we're open 1-8pm each day, and we'll hand you an invite. We're at 234 Grand Street (& Driggs), in Williamsburg Brooklyn between the Marcy JMZ, Bedford L, and Metropolitan G, and across fro the new Williamsburg Cinemas and near lots of yummy vegan food! So stop in, say hi, and say you'd like to come! We have lots of new tops too in that aren't on the site yet so you can check those out if you'd be so inclined.

    Can't wait to see all of your faces (in photos and in person!) And if you can't make it to the show but want to post- you'll get $10 off any thing (we have a ton of new tops we are posting in a week or so as soon as I get a breather from all this fashion week crazy), just send us the link to KristinaVaute@gmail.com, and you can use it once throughout 2013. (If you've already posted before just send us the link!)

    Okay now check out the calendar & the inspiration below... and hope we will see you there!


    The collection is inspired by Sailor Moon- whose fit & flare, in your face style I've always been in love with- but even more, whose story of an ordinary earth girl saved by a magical cat to become a soldier of love & justice for all beings of the universe- makes me, um, pretty happy.


    Here are some Sailor Moon quotes that I'm freaking out over (a little bit, okay a LOT):

    "I told you... That I would protect everyone." -Sailor Moon

    "If you have a little more courage than normal people, anyone can be a soldier. If you have a caring heart for others, anyone can be a Messiah. Even if your heart becomes evil, please don't forget that we'll take care of you. And we'll definitely help you!"

    "Hi! As long as a bad guys appears in this world, I can reach you like pizza delivery! I am the agent of love and justice, Sailor Moon!"


    How true is that?! Oh Sailor Moon, I want to be you when I grow up.

    Oh hey! Here's a preview of one of the dresses (with detachable bow) in the first stage of the development process- in the practice fabric.


    Okay so back to work... I hope this post made sense, because I'm pretty sure my brain isn't half right at this point (dear naps, I would love if we could get back together, mmmk? thanks!) 

    Sending hugs! Thanks always for the amazing thoughtful kind words- it really keeps me going (way more than you know). 


    Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (heart you guys!!)


    New year : New site : Hi you guys! January 11 2013

    Here with my girl Ashley, just want to say Happy Lucky 2013 everyone. I have a feeling it's going to be an extra magical year!

    Leanne Mai-ly, Founder